The Confirmation Programme of Preparation

Preparation begins early in 6th year when parents are invited to attend a meeting to enrol their child on the programme. The children are encouraged at this time to think about and pick a confirmation name.

An important element in the program is to teach young people about the importance of commitment and how much they will need the help of the Holy Spirit in fulfilling their confirmation promises. During Advent they decide on some small commitments to make in their daily lives. These range from saying daily prayers to something practical like helping around the home. Parents are recommended to help their children to keep their promises.

Service of Light
At Baptism parents are given a lighted candle representing the flame of faith which has been kindled in their child. At Confirmation the child is considered to be responsible, under the continued supervision of the parents, for the future development of his/her faith. At the Ceremony of Light the Baptismal candle is passed from parents to children representing the shift of responsibility to the child.

Confirmation Name
Throughout the period of preparation for the Sacrament the children are encouraged to recognise their own ability to be individuals within the Church, with their own particular gifts of Spirit. However it is important that the children can at this time learn from the personal example of adults around them.They are encouraged to choose as a ‘sponsor’ someone they admire and to whom they can turn with complete confidence because of the personal example of their lives.

Confirmation Pledge
The Confirmation Pledge to abstain for alcohol until a particular age and to abstain from illicit drugs for life is made at the Service of Light prior to Confirmation Day.