As more people are opting for electronic transactions, parishes are moving to online donations as an alternative to the weekly collection. These online donations can be a once-off payment, or set up to be a recurring monthly donation. 
All contributions are greatly needed and very much appreciated.

Online Donations

Easy Payments Plus is a  secure online payment facility for organisations and parishes throughout Ireland. 

The first time you use the system you will be prompted to register with your email address and password.  After that, you will be able to login directly.

You will receive a receipt via email for every donation made. 

How is your donation used?

Family offering
Our parish relies on financial support from parishioners for our day to day running costs. This donation is the “Family Offering” and contributions can be made online, by standing order or by monthly envelopes.

Basket collections
During Mass, we have two collections. The first supports all the priests in the archdiocese, and the second collection, the “Share Collection” supports essential pastoral services across all parishes in our archdiocese

Frequently asked questions about the Family Offering and Mass Collections.

1. What is the Family Offering?
The Parish Family Offering is a regular payment made by families in the Parish to discharge the day to day expenses of the Parish including salaries of non-clerical staff, heating, lighting, repairs and maintenance of the Church, servicing the Parish debt and a contribution to a variety of services.
2. Do weekly Mass Collections and Easter / Christmas Dues not cover those costs?
No, the first Sunday Mass collection together with the Easter and Christmas Dues are paid over in full directly to the Diocese. The second Sunday Mass collection (Share collection) goes towards Diocesan services and to support other Parishes within the Diocese. The Diocese pays the salaries of the Priests working within the Parish. Any monies over and above this are retained by the Diocese centrally.
3. Does the Parish not receive any money from Central Diocesan Funds or from the Church or State nationally?
Outside of the payment of the clerical salaries the Parish does not receive any money from the Diocese or from the Church nationally. There is no State funding for activities of the Parish.
4. This is a big Parish. Is every family / house already paying?
This is a big geographical Parish and covers a significant area. There are estimates of a total of 3,600 households within the Parish.

However, only a small percentage of households are currently contributing to the Family Offering. This low and decreasing percentage can be attributed to the fact that some households have moved away and other contributors have died or circumstances have changed such that they can no longer make a contribution.

We are focused on contacting every household within the Parish and asking them to consider making a Family Offering. 
5. How does a family set about making a Family Offering?
You can sign up for the Family Offering by completing the Standing Order form and returning it to the Parish
Office, or directly to any of the Priests or members of the Parish Finance Committee.

There is an option to pay by Cash or Cheque also. Please complete the personal details section on the Standing Order form and we shall arrange to deliver family offering envelopes to your address by return.
6. How much should I make in the Family Offering?
Any regular amount is welcome and every family should have regard to their own resources and circumstances. An average sum of €20.00 per month has been paid but any sum from €5.00 to €50.00 per month would be very welcome. It is worth noting that if you are a PAYE or Self Assessed tax-payer and donate a monthly contribution of €21 per month the Parish can claim tax back at no expense to you.
If you would like to support the parish financially, Standing Order Forms can be downloaded here

Parish Lotto

The Parish Lotto was set-up in 1992 as a fundraising drive in the parish. It has been and continues to be very successful.

Lotto tickets are available to buy in the parish bookshop and in many local shops and businesses, such as:

-Stillorgan Post Office

-Stillorgan Credit Union

-C&D Shoes

-Parish Centre

-Fruit World

-Bradley’s Pharmacy

-Phelan’s Pharmacy

-Mill House

-Lakelands Pharmacy

-Lakelands Store

-Drummartin Post Office


-Spar, Kilmacud

-O’Dwyers, Kilmacud

-Pristine Cleaners, Kilmacud.

Each week the draw takes places at 7.00 p.m. in the Parish Centre.

On the weeks that we do not have a winner, the jackpot increases week-on-week up to a possible grand jackpot of €20,000. Each week there are 7 consolation prizes of €15.

Weekly Draw: