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Dr Kieran J. O’Mahony OSA is an Augustinian friar and biblical scholar.
He lives in St John’s Priory, Dublin and works for the Dublin Diocese as coordinator of biblical studies.

Sunday 23rd January 2022

Sunday 16th January 2022

Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord: 9 January 2022

Feast of the Epiphany: 6 January 2022

Second Sunday of Christmas: 2 January 2022

The Readings – Christmas Weekend

The Christmas weekend offers a rich selection — four sets of readings for Christmas Day and one for the feast of the Holy Family. To keep things simple, it seemed better this time to give the link to the relevant webpage on, where all the material can be found. For the PDFs etc., click here.

Visual resources

  1. There are talks specifically on the Christmas gospels at (if you haven’t already registered). There are six presentations in all.
  2. For the prologue of John, there’s a meditation (free) on

The Readings Sunday 19th December

  • All 3 readings (PDF)
  • Gospel only (Audio)
  • Gospel only (Portable)
  • Extra exploration of all three readings (YouTube)

The Readings Sunday 12th December

The Readings Sunday 5th December

The Readings Sunday 28th November

Readings for Sunday 21st November

Readings for Sunday 14th November

Readings Sunday 7th November