A wedding is a day, a marriage is a lifetime.


Congratulations on your engagement! Preparing for your marriage is an exciting time and we look forward to helping you prepare for your wedding day and your life together as a married couple.

Four months’ notice of your intention to marry is required, but it is advisable to e-mail the Parish Office as early as possible to see if the date you would like is available.

You will need:

  1. Letter of Freedom to Marry form. A parent or a sibling will need to complete this in the presence of a priest.
  2. To participate in a marriage preparation course. These are held at various locations throughout the year and can be booked online. To book, please contact or
  3. The pre-nuptial enquiry form needs to be completed. This is done by the priest of the parish where you have lived for the last six months.
  4. Other necessary documents: Baptism and confirmation Certificate are required and must be dated within 6 months of proposed wedding date.

State Regulations:
The Registrar of Marriages, must be notified of your intention to marry, in person, at least three months before the date of the marriage. To notify the Registrar you may book a Marriage Notification appointment at
For information on the civil requirements for your Marriage, please visit:

ACCORD is the Catholic Marriage Care Service that provides information and support for those preparing for marriage. Visit their website for some additional information you may find useful, such as Planning your Wedding Day: