Social Conscience

The Parish aspires to develop a strong social conscience in our community, particularly through our young people and promote awareness of support groups within our own Parish.

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the Life of the Un-born

As pastors we are aware that the conversation about unborn life is sensitive, delicate and, indeed, painful for many.  We offer our reflections with the greatest of respect for everyone while wishing to make some points clearly and unambiguously.

  • Every one of us has a right to our life. It is not given by any law.
  • Life begins at conception.
  • Making abortion freely available desensitises people to the value of every human life.
  • The child in the womb has life and potential but like all babies, she or he has no choice.
  • A compassionate society will do all in its power to support and love the mother and baby.

-Statement on the second day of the Spring 2018 General Meeting of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference. Read more…

Two Lives, One Love – pastoral message for 2018 on the right to life
From the Bishops of Ireland, published on Friday 9th March as part of their contribution to the national conversation on the right to life. Lives One Love

Message on the Dignity of Human Life
Message from Archbishop Martin to all priests and parishes in the Archdiocese of Dublin. Catholic Teaching on the Dignity of Human Life and Regarding Abortion. on the Dignity of Human Life

For more information, see Choose Life.

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