Renew our parish faith in Jesus Christ & Pass it on to our young people: Question 1

How can we renew faith in Jesus Christ in our Parish & pass on the faith to our
young people?
Faith St Agustine from Brainy Quotes Dot ComFollowing the recent visit of Pope Francis, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has asked all
parishes to reflect on how we can renew faith in Jesus Christ in our parish and help pass
that faith on to our young people. We want to hear the views of everyone – young and
old. Each week we will share a question with you to help stimulate thoughts and
discussion. Please take time to consider your response and share it with us.

Question 1: How can we be a more welcoming and inclusive place for all members of
our parish community?

We will hold a parish meeting in November to discuss the responses and formulate our
collective response.
Responses can be placed in suggestion boxes around the church or are welcome via
public or private message to the Parish Facebook @kilmacudparish.