Scripture Summer School

Each year, a Scripture Summer School takes place in Dublin (Holy Cross Diocesan Centre). Over the years, people have enjoyed being together to talk about their faith and to learn about the Word of God. The experience of being “together in one place” has been a significant and enjoyable dimension. However, because of the C-19 crisis, we have decided to offer our Scripture Summer School as usual but, this year,  online. There are advantages and disadvantages, of course. We will miss meeting each other face to face and we’ll miss the meals,  the break-out times and the prayer. We’ll have to make do as well without the gracious assistance of Mary Dent. 

However, there are also some advantages. It may be that with this medium we will reach a much wider audience and people who might not make it to Dublin will be able to take part. Also, the cost has been reduced significantly. The opportunity to view the presentations at your leisure may also be a plus.  Our sincere hope is that the Summer School will still be an enjoyable learning experience for everyone. 

The cost this year is €40. Each participant will receive access to all eighteen presentations with full notes and study questions as well as being able to take part in all five Zoom conferences. 

Any queries should be sent directly to the administrator. Enclosed in this email is a poster: perhaps you may like to send this email and the poster to friends who might be interested in faith and the Word of God.  

Full details 
All details regarding registration, payment and participation may be found on using this direct link to the dedicated webpage.  

The week before (June 15-19)
Monday 15 June: all the material for the course will become available  on Zoom; pdfs etc. will be sent around to all participants. 
Monday 15 June 12.30: A Zoom conference for all, introducing this year’s presentations, opening up the discussion and taking any initial questions. 

The week itself (June 22-24)
Tuesday 23 June 7.00 pm: Zoom conference for all, chaired by Sean Goan
Wednesday 24 June 7.00 pm: Zoom conference for all, chaired by Jessie Rogers
Thursday 25 June 7.00 pm: Zoom conference for all, chaired by Kieran O’Mahony
Friday 26 June 7.00 pm: Zoom conference for all, with the three presenters present. 

Jessie Rogers
“In the days to come..” 
Wisdom from the Old Testament Prophets for living in the light of the future.

Seán Goan
“He will not break a bruised reed nor quench a smouldering wick” (Matthew 12:20)
Jesus as the Servant of God in Matthew’s Gospel.

Kieran J. O’Mahony
“In him, all things hold together”
Cosmology and Christ in Colossians and Ephesians

With very best regards, 

Kieran O’Mahony OSA