Church at home – Fr Joe

Thank God for Zoom and the webcam! This week, as during the entire pandemic the live streaming of liturgies and prayer from the church has been a lifesaver. For me the absolute highlight of the week, 57 families with their candidate for Confirmation came to a Zoom meeting and we listened to their prayers and music and watched their baptismal candles being passed from one generation to the next. This is how we meet the challenges of the present moment, by turning them into opportunities! This Holy Week will be another moment that we stay apart to stay safe, but we will be praying in common as we join the parish liturgies, those on RTE or the wider church. The Triduum of prayer led by Fr Laurence Gallagher will be a huge blessing for us as we join morning Mass and evening reflection. I am delighted he can help us with Reconciliation on Tuesday evening. Surely the Spirit of God is leading us into the deep and powerful experience of being church at home, with the family as the congregation and the screen being our window into mystery. So, take the most you can from this way of sharing in the life and liturgy, it’s not perfect but it is a lot more than nothing. Happy Holy Week.