Help Indian Covid Crisis Appeal

The devastating deadly surge of Covid 19 is hitting India with a frightening and rapidly increasing of death and new cases.(7 day average of over 4100 daily deaths and 260000 new cases) The death toll has surpassed 311,000, while the total number of infections has risen about 27 million. Covid 19 patients are battling for their lives, gasping for oxygen, desperate for essential drugs and emergency treatments. And with the lockdown in the country, the poor daily waged labourers, families and children are struggling and starving. They are in urgent need of food and ration supplies.

In the last few weeks, more than 350 Priests and Nuns and thousands of Catholics have sacrificed their lives, having infected with Corona as the Priests were conducting funeral services and Nuns and Catholics working in the hospitals or volunteering in the care and welfare of the communities.

Syro Malabar Catholic Church Mission Dioceses in India (Adilabad, Faridabad, Hosur and Shamshabad) serve the most underprivileged and vulnerable sections of the society all over the country.

Now, these mission charities are facing the serious challenge to meet the expenses to provide life-saving emergency care and basic facilities. Syro Malabar Catholic Church here in Dublin has started helping in the past weeks and plan to continue the same with the support of any and every possible resource.

We request your genuine support and generous cooperation for this dire need by donating as little as 10€ or more, which would be used for different requirements of the Covid 19 affected states of India. Every donation makes a difference regardless of its extent: 
€50 will help purchase an oxygen concentrator – they cost €500 per unit
€25 can provide essential kits (Med & ration) to two families
€10 can provide one sanitiser kit
Please donate by choosing one of the following options:
1. Click here to donate
2. Visit website or Facebook page Syro Malabar Church Dublin
3. By envelopes – available in the Church today
4. Scan the code in the bulletin with your mobile camera.