Service of Reflection & Reconciliation Mount Merrion on Monday 20th @ 7.30pm

Thank you for the invitation to lead the Advent Reflection and Reconciliation Service this year. I’ve been asked to speak about migration during this reflection – in truth all I can share with you is what I have learnt from migrants about God. They have inspired me to trust more, to pray more and to focus on God’s grace at difficult points in life’s journey.
The journey of a migrant is often one of transition to other places – we transition, not necessarily to other shores but to other ways of being. We will gather to pray for God’s grace to help us on our way and for his great compassionate understanding as we acknowledge our weaknesses and shortcomings which make us depend on him all the more. There are many points in scripture where people felt overcome, they even felt like giving up but in those moments, God spoke and those who were once overcome were uplifted and they journeyed on. Scripture tells us that when God’s grace intervenes in our lives, we find new hope and a new energy for life.This is sometimes an added bonus for us but for the migrant on a difficult journey it becomes the mainstay of their support. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is first and foremost a Sacrament of Grace. Many put so much effort into their own preparation that they leave little space for God’s loving action in the Sacrament. On Monday the 20th of December we will be taking time to ponder God’s desire to speak to us and to be with us during these times. In summary we pause and make space for the God who loves us.

Fr Alan Hillard
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