Synodal gatherings – update from Kilmacud

After two very successful gatherings on 23rd and 30th March, the feedback to the questions posed are being collated and consolidated for a final report to go to Archbishop’s House this week. There is a lot of rich feedback and responses and the report we are compiling will attempt to fairly and honestly represent the views and perspectives provided at the gatherings. As the work progresses on the report, at this stage and to give you a taster of what was discussed, some of the initial most consistent feedback on the joys, for example, include the following:
➢ The sense of community, as a people of God, coming together, praying together, participating and giving a comforting sense of belonging as well as sustaining and forming new relationships
➢ Generous, sharing, caring, good neighbourly people of faith in our community with genuine concern for others
The report will also highlight areas of sorrow, hope, fears or anxieties and unsurprisingly, at this stage, there are similar consistent trends coming through. Again, our sincere thanks to all who participated and we hope, when we complete the report, that everyone in the parish will take the time to consider the feedback as it goes forward to form part of the diocesan and Irish Church contribution to the Synod in Rome in 2023. There may also be some areas we can progress as a parish in the year ahead.