A precious and special Christmas for you and all you love.

There are just a few days in the year that we celebrate in the here and now, while below the surface of our feelings are all the experiences of this same day celebrated in times past. We have had a life time of Christmas experiences and today we add another layer to those memories. Let’s hope that this is a precious and special Christmas for you and all you love.

Time doesn’t stand still, while all we do is familiar, traditional and well learned, this year has its own special character. This is so true for those who have had a personal loss during the year and are aching for the company of a loved one, now departed from our company. If separation comes because of emigration, a ‘year in Australia’ or the break up of a relationship, remember the one you love is probably feeling much the same, where ever they are. So, cherish the day, pray for them, send your love, connect at the table of the altar, in the prayers of the same mass, here and there, at the crib as you gaze on the Christ child, the one who is in the heart of your loved ones and in your heart too.

Today many gifts will be exchanged, given with love and affection and received with
gratitude and appreciation. My dad used to look at the mound of presents under the tree
every year, well were a family of 9, and say, with a sigh, “Far too much!”. However, when he opened a gift that he really liked, being well chosen by our mother, he squealed with delight, a sound I will always associate with this day.

Being a people of faith, we know that all our efforts to love, to build up peace and harmony in the world, to have integrity and show justice all have their source in the one who lies in the straw of the manger. Emmanuel, God is with us, this is the source of our joy, the foundation on which we build. We pray that as the infant grows to be our master and teacher that we will continue on the journey of faith sustained by his wisdom, challenged by his example and supported by this wonderful community of faith.