Church of St. Laurence O'Toole, Kilmacud

Adapting for the weather

I’m sure we have all spent some time during the week wishing the weather was better, praying for some sunshine, asking God to banish the dark clouds, heavy rain and bring us some of the blue skies and gentle breezes

Thank you, brother priests

One of the many joys of the priesthood is sharing bits and pieces of life with brother priests from different countries, cultures and experiences. Recently I’ve spent a lot of time with three African priests from Nigeria, Malawi and Uganda.

Special Moments

On each one of the past 7 Saturdays I have celebrated Mass for a special occasion, four First Communions, two Weddings and one Jubilee. In between, there have been the ordinary daily Masses, many Funerals, some Baptisms and the celebrations

God bless all our Students

Do you remember sitting the Leaving Certificate? All week, at the first mention of the exams starting, I’ve heard people sharing their memories. It seems that no one can quite forget the experience of finishing school, sitting in the examination


I had an appointment with my GP during the week, a funeral ran a bit overtime, and I had to rush to make it even close to the right time. As I stepped into reception a little flustered, thinking about

Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting in the Parish Centre . Building Hope Meeting Report June 2022 Your contributions and participation were hugely appreciated as we journey together through the Building Hope stage. Let us continue to pray


We have had a lot of funerals here in recent months. When I mention that to my own family and friends they often ask, “is the parish very old?”. Of course, they mean are the parishioners mostly in their senior

Building Hope

Following the words from Fr Joe in the newsletter a few weeks ago, we are looking for members to join a steering group who can take us in to the next phase of the road map “Building Hope”. More information

New models of ministry

This weekend we have a collection for ‘Lay Ministry”, it replaces the traditional collection for the support of students for the priesthood, which we normally had on the Sunday after Good Shepherd Sunday with all its emphasis on vocations. So,

A new level of participation, involvement and responsibility

This weekend is a time for prayers for vocations to the priesthood and the religious life. Every year on Good Shepherd Sunday, in the middle of the Easter Season, we pray that the seed of vocation will awaken a call

The call to step forward into leadership

On Holy Thursday Archbishop Farrell distributed a Pastoral Letter to share his thoughts with us on the ‘Building Hope’ process that he started shortly after coming to Dublin. The first step was a consultation that many parishioners here participated in

Mesmerised at the beauty so close to home

Easter Sunday, Alleluia Christ has risen

Blue skies, bright sunshine and mild days made the days after Easter very suitable for free time with family and friends for a bit of fresh air and fun. I trust that everyone who could was delighted to be out

Kilmacud Parish Synod Feedback Report

The parish synod feedback report was submitted to Archbishops House, Synod Committee, on 18th April. The report reflects the feedback from the two gatherings, and after the gatherings, the parish synod group subsequently met to consider the emerging themes as well

The world will know his followers by their love.

Images flash in front of us all day everyday. Some capture a moment of human experience, the camera freezes the action, we see what the photographer observed at the moment the shutter clicked. Maybe you saw an image of an

Synodal gatherings – update from Kilmacud

After two very successful gatherings on 23rd and 30th March, the feedback to the questions posed are being collated and consolidated for a final report to go to Archbishop’s House this week. There is a lot of rich feedback and

The challenge for Candidates- to live their faith

During the last month, across the three parishes, we have had many celebrations of Confirmation. To prepare for these special days we first had a ceremony of commitment and then a ceremony of light. For the first of these the

A day of marking love and affection

In the past couple of weeks, we have celebrated anniversary Masses for a few parishioners who died in the early days of COVID 19, two years ago. At the time of the funerals of these dearly loved, and sadly missed

This is our time! We can reshape the way we are Church. Let’s do it!

Archbishop Farrell has been our Bishop for just over a year. When he arrived into the Dublin Diocese he came with a reputation for reform, which he had earned in Ossory Diocese. There he led the people and priests through

St Patrick’s Day Mass

For the last couple of years, we haven’t been able to gather together to celebrate our Patron Saint. So, this year maybe we can do him proud. In Kilmacud there will be Masses at 10.00 and 11.30am and in Mount

Novena to St Joseph | Friday March 11th – Saturday March 19th

We invite you to join us in a Novena to St. Joseph starting on Friday 11th March for 9 days. Please join the Novena by reading the short reflections each day and saying the Novena prayer to St. Joseph. The