Church of St. Laurence O'Toole, Kilmacud

More than 50 years ago Archbishop Mc Quaid saw a need…

Each year when the appeal is made for Crosscare we are reminded of the many ways the Church in Dublin is at the service of the poor and people in need here at home. The range of services Crosscare offers

Reawakening the life we share – Fr Joe

The last trip I made before Covid was a two-night visit to Munich to visit my niece, her husband and two children. I always enjoy seeing them when they visit Ireland but with so many people to see and so

Doing things in a familiar way, with great hope and expectations – Fr Joe

Good news is always welcome and it has been great during the week to hear about the plan for reopening society as we learn to live with the residual of Covid. The expression ‘new normal’ is being used to describe

Remembering Fr Tony on his 2nd anniversary & update on his Haiti project

This weekend we remember Fr Tony at his second anniversary. His fruitful ministry, courage and strength, pastoral vision and compassion for others will always be in our minds and hearts. This time last year we planted a tree, placed a

A light for your path, a comfort in your sorrows and a companion in all the good that life brings. – Fr Joe

Last Sunday we celebrated the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, one of the many times during the year when Our Blessed Mother takes a central role in the liturgy. Special days help us to celebrate the importance of the

Sport is truly a gift from God – Fr Joe

I drove down Portland Row, past Kellie Harrington’s house, late on Tuesday evening. Even in the near darkness you could see there were all the signs of a warm welcome home, for a local hero and a national treasure. There

A wide range of opinions, lots of different views – Fr. Joe

I tend to listen carefully to the coverage of church and religious issues on TV and radio, and more recently on Twitter and social media too. Many different opinions are expressed, with emotion, showing strong attitudes and responses to these

Day of Prayer for Grandparents and Elderly – Fr. Joe

Last Sunday Pope Francis gave us the first ‘Day of Prayer for Grandparents and Elderly people’. As I had been away for the previous week I didn’t have time to read up on it before preparing the newsletter. So, my

The beauty of God’s creation – Fr. Joe

I’m just back from a week’s holiday relaxed and refreshed, what a difference the weather makes. I was with my sister and a priest friend in Derry, a city so perfectly perched on the Foyle with Donegal on one flank

Love will endure and with hope and joy, triumph – Fr. Joe

Last Sunday evening a friend came round for a bite to eat and to watch the final of Euro 2020 with me. Like everyone else we too had to choose a side. As we both lived in Rome for a

Celebrating God given talent, and exceptional hard work – Fr Joe

For fans of sport there has been such an abundance of coverage of games during the week, that you might never have left the couch! Rugby and GAA, Golf and Tennis, Cycling and Soccer, all being played at the highest

Well done to all the children, teachers and school staff – Fr. Joe

During the week, at a Board of Management meeting in a local school, held outdoors, we spotted the ‘fruit and vegetable’ bed where the boys and girls had been busy tending to their plants. I couldn’t resist having a look,

Each of God’s creatures playing their part. – Fr Joe

On midsummers day, June 21st, I jumped in the car and headed down to Waterford with 3 priest friends for a few days away. It was the first proper break for all of us since last summer and the long

An apt modern parable for Father’s Day – Fr Joe

You have probably seen, and chuckled at the advertisement on TV centred on a video call between a young man and his dad. The two live in different worlds, the dad is with his wife, an avid walker, and his

Gratitude – Fr Joe

I saw a graph in this morning’s paper illustrating the dramatic fall in the numbers of people in hospital and in ICU with Covid 19, it was a very uplifting image. We had hoped that the effect of the vaccines

Feast of Corpus Christi – Fr Joe

Last weekend we welcomed Fr Clement and members of the Indian Community from the Syro-Malabar church to visit Mount Merrion. He will shortly visit Kilmacud and make an appeal. The members of the community came to each Mass to share

Heading home – Fr Joe

The lifting of the restrictions on intercounty travel was very uplifting for all those who live locally and have family and friends in other parts of the country. We have all been living for many months in our local area,

Lord make me an instrument of your Peace.

During the week, we all listen to and watch the news. People often lament the amount of ‘bad’ news that is broadcast and wish that there could be other stories shared of all the efforts, achievements and generosity which abound

God of closeness and care – Fr Joe

To those of you who are able and willing to attend Mass in person this week, welcome back. To those still remaining apart for the moment thank you for your perseverance and strength. To everyone else let’s rejoice that the

A good news day – Fr Joe

All across the country this weekend people are dreaming, making plans, thinking about what they can do, when they can travel and visit family and friends, at the heart of this dream is our desire to be with those we