Church of St. Laurence O'Toole, Kilmacud

Remembering the sick, the dying and those who care for them – Fr Joe

We don’t hear much from the Council of Bishops’ Conferences of Europe, perhaps most of us were unaware that such a body even exists! But this week they organised a prayer chain of Masses across Europe from North to South,

The winter tree – Fr. Joe

Just outside my kitchen window, a bare tree stands. I see it there each morning at my first prayers of each Lenten day. While it is in the deep slumber of winter, with not a single leaf showing, it welcomes

Our Lenten Journey – Fr. Joe

Depending on how much radio you listen too, you may or may not have heard various commentators talking about Lent over the airways this year. Some suggested that there is no need to give up anything, this has been a

Ash Wednesday – Fr. Joe

Lenten Reflection Mount Merrion Parish

“Remember thou are but dust and onto dust you will return.” With these words, and the marking of our foreheads with black dust, from old palms, we embark on a journey of 40 days in preparation for Easter, our annual

Let Spring lift your Spirits – Fr. Joe

Sometimes a handful of pencils are held together with a couple of rubber bands, making a neat and tidy bundle. I thought someone had left me a gift of nice shiny green pencils, sitting on the letterbox, when I arrived

Mary of Sorrows, Queen of Peace – Fr. Joe

Coming back from Glasnevin cemetery during the week I drove down East Wall Road towards Dublin Port. There were a number of Garda cars parked on the road, flashing blue lights, and part of the road was coned off. I

Our universal prayer for Christian Unity – Fr. Joe

On Wednesday afternoon, around the time that President Joe Biden was addressing the nation from the steps of the Capitol building on the topic of national unity, we were gathered in the Carmelite Convent praying for Christian Unity. The programme

Bringing the compassion of Christ – Fr. Joe

In my extended family, we are 63 cousins, children of 8 families. Of these 9 were adopted as children and we all grew up together as cousins and shared the same grandparents. During this week, I have been very mindful

Taking up the challenges of the New Year – Fr. Joe

How many pine needles are there on a Christmas Tree? I wondered about this when I took down my tree just after the Epiphany. Having removed all the lights and decorations, the tree looked fine to me, but the floor