Church of St. Laurence O'Toole, Kilmacud

Our common task

I bumped into three mums outside the school one day during the week. They were chatting, keeping an eye on their kids playing nearby and waiting for the others to finish school. I’ve often found this to be a fantastic


At every funeral Mass, we pause and welcome the remains of the deceased at the Baptismal Font as we enter the church. Standing there with the family around and the friends and neighbours gathering in we recall the beginning of

Happy New Year!

Capodanno, is the word you might see in Italy on posters advertising the New Year celebrations. Until I spent one end of year holiday in Amalfi I had no idea what an exuberant and joyful celebrations the Italians enjoy. I

Thank you

The last days of the year will follow our Christmas celebrations and soon 2022 will begin. It’s impossible to say farewell to 2021 without first saying a strong word of thanks to all who have given time, energy and support

Just once a year

When I was in Clonliffe College, studying for the priesthood, my dad asked me to call into a fishmongers, in Chatham Street, and bring home a side of smoked salmon for Christmas. I did that year after year and always

Hopes that people of faith carry

One evening after Mass a parishioner slipped me an envelope, with the brief comment, ‘something nice for yourself.’ I was delighted to open it when I got home and find inside a single ticket for “Jack B Yeats: Painting and

Welcoming the light of the world with all our heart

Turn on the lights! Well, as we are now into December, and it is so dark and cold, I for one love to see the seasonal lights appearing. The big bright lights which transform the city centre, ripple through the

Getting back in touch with your spiritual energy

Energy! Every parish needs plenty of energy. The energy that comes from the sun certainly gives us a lift and makes the church building and environment more pleasant, the energy that comes from the Spirit leads our hearts and minds

Some practical matters

I can’t remember the last time a week passed by and I didn’t say at least one funeral Mass. Free from that obligation I’ve been busy this week with some of the practical things that need to be attended to

United in prayer this November

I don’t often catch the bus early in the morning when students are on their way to school. Yet there I was the other day, just after 8, waiting and watching as bus after bus disgorged boys and girls, all

Joys and sorrows

I have a grandniece called Cleo, a beautiful girl, with long curly hair, a magic smile and a happy disposition. When I heard that a little girl with the same name had disappeared from a camping site in Australia, during

Remembering our dead and praying for all the faithful departed

I walked up to the front door of a house during the week, I was about to knock when, out of the corner of my eye I noticed, half hidden by the hedge, a skeleton on the grass and gasped.

Spiritual strength

During the week, I was preparing a homily for the opening of the year Mass in a boy’s secondary school. Moments like this are a great opportunity to speak to young people who little by little are coming to identify

A profound spiritual experience

“Warp speed”, “Beam me up Scottie”, “`To go bravely where no man has gone before”, these lines from Star Trek were a part of mine, my sisters and many others childhood. The Star Fleet mission was to explore new frontiers

“It’s death? It’s life? I do not care! Jesus, my joy is to give you love.”

I’ve only been to Lisieux once, it was a slightly strange mission. I went with an American friend who had brought a little portion of a beloved partners ashes to be scattered there. It was a little surreal making a

Grateful for the witness and example of a generation, and all they have taught us

Carrying the coffin of my uncle John from the hearse to his grave on Tuesday felt like the end of an era. He was 87, a wonderful man, bursting with energy and full of love and goodness. He was the

More than 50 years ago Archbishop Mc Quaid saw a need…

Each year when the appeal is made for Crosscare we are reminded of the many ways the Church in Dublin is at the service of the poor and people in need here at home. The range of services Crosscare offers

Reawakening the life we share – Fr Joe

The last trip I made before Covid was a two-night visit to Munich to visit my niece, her husband and two children. I always enjoy seeing them when they visit Ireland but with so many people to see and so

Doing things in a familiar way, with great hope and expectations – Fr Joe

Good news is always welcome and it has been great during the week to hear about the plan for reopening society as we learn to live with the residual of Covid. The expression ‘new normal’ is being used to describe

Remembering Fr Tony on his 2nd anniversary & update on his Haiti project

This weekend we remember Fr Tony at his second anniversary. His fruitful ministry, courage and strength, pastoral vision and compassion for others will always be in our minds and hearts. This time last year we planted a tree, placed a